Vinyl flooring is another traditional flooring option for areas that are exposed to moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens or utility rooms. Its durability holds up splendidly to heavy traffic and with the extra-thick, no-wax wear layer feature, your floor will practically take care of itself.

Today’s vinyl styles look and feel just like authentic ceramic, wood or stone, as well as offering true “vinyl” looks with clean lines and colors. Yet vinyl remains a cost efficient flooring solution with different grades to match any budget. This developing technology provides newer vinyl options that are also more DIY friendly. These options require no glue, rather, the seams are taped and sealed once the sub floor is level and clean. This type of vinyl can be installed and removed with little effort.

  • Choose between 6 foot, 12 foot and 13.2 foot widths.
  • A durable and versatile choice that is suitable for moisture prone areas
  • Cost effective, therefore, easily updated.