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How to clean prefinished hardwood floors

Wood floors are an investment. They need to be taken care of so their beauty can shine  for years in your home. With all hardwood floors, it is important to make sure they are property cleaned so they can maintain their luxurious look.

But what is the right way to clean hardwood flooring? And what if the floors are prefinished? We’ve got you covered so you know how to care for your floors with ease. Read on to learn exactly what you need to know about how to clean prefinished hardwood floors. 

What are prefinished hardwood floors? 

When manufacturers prefinish wood floors, they sand and stain the floor for optimum beauty and character. Since the floor has already been treated, it needs gentle cleaning to avoid harming the finish. Homeowners should be careful when cleaning so the floor is protected. 

Choosing The right floor cleaner 

First, it is important to find the right products to use for cleaning your floor. Avoid highly acidic cleaners to prevent streaks and floor damage caused by harsh chemicals. A cleaning that is too vigorous could scratch or stain your floors, leaving unwanted damage.

The right cleaner will keep your floor clean and healthy and should be soft enough to prevent scratching during the cleaning process. Prefinished hardwood already has the shine and sheen that makes them sparkle and come to life in the home – so no need to have them finished and sanded yourself! 

How do I find the right floor cleaning products? 

Luckily, there are many resources the consumer can look into to find out more about taking care of their prefinished hardwood flooring. Ask the flooring retailer that you purchased from. They may have tips for cleaning and recommendations for how you can easily maintain your new floors. In fact, they may even have a product in stock that would be perfect for you to use. 

Beyond the retailer, it may be of interest to research the manufacturer of your wood flooring. Some flooring manufacturers create their own floor cleaning solution and maintenance tools that are formulated specifically for their own brand of flooring products. This means they may have cleaning products that are designed specifically for the floor in your home! 

There are several brands that offer an array of options for cleaning and keeping wood floors looking beautiful. Bona is a widely-recognized name that makes cleaners for floors in their many different forms. The company even has its own Bona hardwood floor cleaner that homeowners can utilize. Many companies like Bona can point you to the right liquid cleaner as well as the best mops and cloth with which to apply them. 

How do I clean prefinished hardwood floors?

The best course of action would be to run a dry microfiber cloth across your floor. The soft microfiber will help wipe away dust and dirt with its soft bristles. Or you can use a dust mop on your floors regularly. 

Dust mopping with a flat mop, also known as microfiber mops, for a few minutes will keep your floor looking like new for a long time! You can also use a vacuum cleaner on your floors weekly whereas wet mopping with a damp cloth should be done less frequently, ideally on a monthly basis.

Other tips to remember 

Floor Care

Besides choosing the right cleaning products, homeowners must consider how much care their floor requires for cleaning. For example, it is important to limit the amount of water that your floor is exposed to, especially if you have selected a floor that is not resistant to water or other moisture.

Cleaning Spills

Clean up spills on hardwood right away to prevent moisture from seeping into the subfloor and causing damage. (For homeowners who are looking for more intense cleaning such as professional deep cleaning services, it may be helpful to establish a time-table for how often your wood floors will need to be cleaned at this level.)

Prevent Scratches

If you are putting furniture atop your wood floors, perhaps in a living room or dining room, make sure the furniture will not damage the floor. To prevent floor scratches, place soft padding under furniture such as couches, chairs, and tables.

This will make it easier to move them. You can do this easily by buying small felt pads to put under your furniture. You can find them at a store near you.

Consider Climate

It may also be worth considering what part of the country you live in and what time of year it is, and thus how the climate may impact your wood flooring.

In winter, North Carolina gets snow. This can bring water droplets into the house and onto floors. During this time, the homeowner can review their floor cleaning routine. They can also make changes to ensure floors are well cared for during harsh weather. 


To clean prefinished hardwood floors, homeowners need to find the right cleaning products for their floor. The product should be delicate enough not to harm the hardwood floor. Homeowners should regularly use a dry microfiber cloth or microfiber mop to dust mop the floor. Vacuum weekly to keep the floor clean from typical household messes.