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It’s fresh, clean and we love it – that new-carpet smell! Soon, it will be out with the old and musty, and in with the new and beautiful! Ahhh, can’t wait! With new carpet, every room will feel fresh again. It’s like giving your home a head-turning makeover you get to enjoy each and every day.

It’s no secret that new carpet feels amazing. But before getting it installed, there are some simple things you can do to help keep everything in the clear.

  1. Clear CommunicationBefore anything else, clear communication is the way to go. Make sure you connect with your installer ahead of time to find out all the basics, including arrival times, project timeline, removal requirements, and more. Are you planning to remove the old carpeting? Should there be any upfront removal of doors or molding? All of this should be covered before your carpets are replaced. Keep in mind, if USA Flooring is installing your carpet, the expectations will already be laid out for you. Easy peasy!
  2. Clear the WayTo get the very best carpet installation experience and results, it’s wise to have everything cleared out of the room ahead of time. Most installers will help remove furniture for you, but you should plan to remove smaller decor items on your own, including books, artwork, even curtains or linens. The clearer, the better!
  3. Clear the AirGood airflow is a must in order to reduce that dust. So, make sure your HVAC system is running properly and that all windows and doors can open/close as needed. For large pieces of furniture in nearby rooms, including kitchen cabinets, it’s best to cover and protect those pieces ahead of time from dust and other particles that may arise during the installation process. Of course, you’ll also want to store food items in cupboards or the fridge to keep edibles protected. Lastly, you should vacuum your old carpet before installers arrive to keep existing dust to a minimum.
  4. Clear Your ScheduleNoise and commotion will make it difficult to work or play, so make sure your schedule is clear that day. Stay nearby in case there are any questions, of course. For kids and pets, have a plan to keep them happy and occupied outside the home for the day, or at the very least, in a different area in the home.
  5. Clearly Enjoy!As long as there are no post-installation items to tackle, you will be ready to enjoy your gorgeous new carpet! Get ready for some playtime (maybe the kids will even do some carpet-angels!) and be ready to get inspired by the rejuvenated feel of your home!As always, our team at USA Flooring will help guide you every step of the way, so don’t hesitate to contact us well before prep-work even begins! Leaning on pros who know all about carpet installation is the best way to have a smooth-sailing experience as you add beauty and value to your home! With over forty years of expertise in carpet flooring and design, you can always count on USA Flooring. Contact us to speak with one of our flooring professionals today.
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