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Clinking glasses, twinkling lights, and good cheer — the holidays are almost here! And if you’re on deck to “deck the halls” as a host this year, tackling carpet stains might be your biggest fear. Not to worry, though. We have a few merry ways to tackle any wine whoopsie or muddy mishap before it ruins the holiday magic. And the best part? It’s simple! Just three steps as easy as R.A.B. will remove any spill or splat that comes your way.

Tis the season for spills

R. Remove the Excess:
Remove any excess solid or liquid as soon as possible without rubbing. Carefully scrape away thicker substances or blot away excess liquid with a clean, white cloth. Continue until the cloth no longer picks up color.

A. Apply a Stain Remover:
Apply stain remover to what’s remaining and be sure to follow the instructions that come with the solution. For a DIY carpet stain remover, use a teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid with one quart of warm water, and add a quarter teaspoon of white vinegar. Apply sparingly – doing too much can damage the backing of the carpet. Let this sit for 10 minutes.

B. Blot to Dry
Use a clean, white cloth to blot from the outside in. Continue this until the stain no longer transfers to the cloth. For thorough drying, cover the damp area with a half-inch thick cloth, or you can use paper towels. Weigh them down with a heavy object and change out paper towels until dry.

Voila! With the R.A.B. method, stains will be a thing of Christmas past. For more tips, visit our Floor Care page.” You can also visit USA Flooring for brand new carpet, including the newest technology in stain-resistant carpet and more.

With over forty years of expertise in carpet flooring and design, USA Flooring is here to help during the holidays and beyond. Contact us to speak with one of our flooring professionals today.