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August 11, 2022

When thinking about kids’ rooms and play areas, three M’s come to mind: Magic, Marvel…and
the most notorious M of all: Messes! After all, these spaces are where all the imagination
happens, along with very real wear, tear, spills and smears. Not to worry, though. At USA
Flooring, we know all too well the importance of kid-friendly flooring. Let’s start with some basic
considerations to get the most out of every playful space!

Mary Had a Little Laminate
We’re all for choosing a style that will last a long awhile. Laminate flooring is a great choice with
its scratch-resistant reputation and ability to thwart every rocket-launch and sippy-cup spill. Got
pets? Laminate is great for that, too. It’s easy to clean and maintain. Best part is that laminate
styles are super versatile now – from real-feel hardwoods to lookalike tiles, laminate offers the
most durability.

The Itsy-Bitsy Tile
Like Laminate, Tile is a much different flooring species from our grandparent’s day and age. It
has tons of design possibilities with a wide variety of designs to look like hardwood, stone, even
marble! Its strength and durability remain a great choice for the long-haul with its strain-
repelling material that’s easy to maintain. Plus, with the (not so itsy-bitsy) larger tiles, there’s
less grout.

This Is the Way We Vinyl
With this easy-peasy flooring, your munchkins will be able to rough and tumble without the
stress or mess. Vinyl sheet flooring has come a long way with its style and versatility and acts as
a super-shield against any mischief and shenanigans that come its way. It’s highly resilient and
easy to clean, making it a wise choice for kids and pets.

Wheels On the Carpet
With so many stain-resistant carpets available, it’s really okay to dive into soft and comfy
creativity with carpet. To add a layer of protection, rubber playmats or washable rugs are a
great way to combine playfulness with cozy longevity. Still not trusting it? Consider carpet tiles
in various-sized squares. In the event of any Kool-Aid or gooey emergency, you can simply
remove and replace one tile instead of worrying about the whole carpet – voila!

Creative Comfort
No matter which kid-friendly flooring you choose from USA Flooring, there are so many ways to
inspire creativity and imagination. Our design team is here to help you find your way into low-
maintenance, and durable flooring for your child’s bedroom and play-space.

With the vast array of flooring options, USA Flooring’s expert staff members are here to provide
the right flooring for your family and lifestyle, along with the expert installation and service you
need, including virtual consultations. Call or come by our showroom today, or visit our website