Hardwood floors are classic beauty that work in almost any decor from a traditional setting to a more modern environment. Choose between a solid wood floor, strip or “traditional” flooring, plank wood floors, parquet for hardwood floor design, and engineered wood. Wood flooring is the choice of interior designers and builders for the warmth and beauty it creates in a room. Install hardwood floors to frame your furnishings, set off a custom area rug, or subtly finish a well-designed room. Once you have a few ideas, visit your local Flooring Professional for detailed product information and hardwood installation services. Or, make an appointment and we’ll come to you.

Hardwood Floors


Solid wood flooring is simply that; flooring made from solid pieces of wood. A chief benefit of choosing a solid wood floor is that it can be renewed by sanding and refinishing, rather than replacing the floor. There are three types of solid wood flooring:

  • Strip flooring – Considered “traditional” wood flooring. Makes a room appear larger by its linear effect.
  • Plank flooring – Averages twice the length and width of strip flooring. Creates a casual look in your room, opposed to the more formal strip flooring.
  • Parquet flooring – Varies in size. Used to design geometric shapes in your floor.


Engineered wood is made from real wood veneers layered anywhere from two to nine layers of wood. For greater stability, the grain of each layer runs in opposite directions. Many species of wood are used in engineered wood floors: oak, birch, maple, ash, cherry, and bamboo. It is not necessary that layers in your wood floor are the same species of wood.