Ceramic flooring has a timeless beauty that has always been popular. Once properly installed, tile will last for many years and is very easy to maintain.

Tile can be used anywhere as long as the sub-floor is firm enough to handle it. Perfect areas for tile are kitchens, baths, entries, hallways, fireplaces, back splashes, bathroom walls and commercial areas.

There is an amazing selection of styles, borders, decors, trims and accessories available to do almost anything you can dream up for your home or office. Tile affords the opportunity to customize your floors for that “one of a kind” high quality look.

  • Ceramic tile is more resistant to water damage than any other type of floor
  • Ceramic tile is a long-term and durable flooring option
Tile Flooring


  • Ceramics and Stone Varietals – Ceramic and stone tiles are a beautiful way to add style to your home, whether used on floors, kitchen countertops or as accent borders and back splashes.
  • Ceramic – Popular because of its durability, ceramic tile is the perfect choice for rooms that get heavy traffic.
  • Glazed – The type of glaze determines how durable a tile will be. For an extremely hard surface, fired glazes are the best choice.
  • Unglazed – More delicate than glazed tiles, therefore not as versatile.
  • Stone – Not all stone tile is suitable for use as flooring because some natural stone contains fissures that can crack and soft spots that wear down. However, stone tiles such as granite are literally indestructible under normal household usage.
  • Stone Finishes – For best results, always choose a finish that will withstand the wear and traffic it will receive.
  • Varieties of Stones – Stone tiles come in several forms, either gauged, cleft, agglomerated or raw stone.