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When it comes to flooring, it may seem tough to find durability, affordability, and style all in one. But with Luxury Vinyl and Laminate Flooring, this hard-to-find trifecta comes standard on a daily basis. 

First up, Luxury Vinyl. It’s relatively new to the flooring world and offers a sleek style that’s also easy to clean and install. This innovative flooring is different from standard vinyl in that it arrives in individual planks that lock into place with ease, as opposed to sheets that require measuring and cutting.

Then there’s the popular laminate flooring, which is loved for many reasons. It’s attractive in both appearance and price, plus it boasts quality and ease! Similar to vinyl, it’s made up of durable layers that can withstand the test of time. It’s scratch-resistant, resilient, and easy to install. Plus, laminate is available in a wide variety of styles and colors to perfectly complement any and every space in your home.

If your home is ready for a flooring facelift, here are five key reasons why Luxury Vinyl and Laminate are a winning bet. 

1. Durability: Multiple layers make both types of flooring ideal for any space, particularly those with kids and pets. While luxury vinyl has much thicker layers, both types of flooring offer strength, practicality, and long-lasting protection from wear and tear.

2. Cost: A less expensive alternative to solid wood, Luxury Vinyl and Laminate Flooring offer more bang for your buck.  While luxury vinyl tiles are slightly higher in price, both flooring options are extremely cost-effective considering their quality and style. 

3. Comfort:
 No need to get cold feet! Luxury vinyl tiles are known to be warmer under your feet. And, like vinyl, laminate is a neutral material in terms of transmitting heat. With proper underlay, laminate can be warmer on the feet as well.

4. Waterproof, Water-resistant: Luxury vinyl tiles are fully waterproof, making them a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Laminate flooring, while not waterproof, is water-resistant. Our experts at USA Flooring can help you determine which option will be the best for each room in your home.

5. Longevity: Good flooring should last, and both Luxury Vinyl and Laminate offer affordable longevity. Luxury vinyl tiles are a more durable flooring choice built to last up to 20 years if well cared for. Laminate is also a highly durable flooring with a lifespan of 15 years.  Both are built to withstand frequent foot traffic in your home or business.
Interested in either option or both? The staff at USA Flooring can help you make the right choice for your home and provide stellar expertise in installation and maintenance.  

Come by today and browse all the colors, styles, and textures of these two extraordinary flooring options!