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When people learn they can actually have an area rug built to their liking, or get a beloved rug repaired, it often turns into a “Who knew?” kind of moment. And why wouldn’t it? We’ve all become so accustomed to what’s pre-made or replaceable, it’s hard to imagine having a different option right at our feet. But it’s true: custom area rugs are a thing, and so is restoring rugs to their former glory. In fact, USA Flooring’s in-house rug fabrication and repair specialist is here to provide the right rug or repair for your unique taste. But first, it’s important to consider a few things before diving in a new “rugged” kind of style.

1) SIZE: 

When it comes to size, the sky’s the limit with custom rugs. If you opt for custom over cookie-cutter, you can have your rug sized and shaped to your heart’s desire. For extra-large or more narrow rooms, or open concept floor plans, you may choose materials that come in large or narrow widths or customized to the exact shape you require. Don’t have measurements? No worries. Our in-house specialist can help you determine the perfect size for your custom rug.

2) COST:

While anything customized may sound pricey, it’s actually surprisingly affordable to get a custom rug, especially when using materials like broadloom. Considering that an average rug that comes in 12’ widths sells for $2.50 per square foot, the cost for the same-sized rug made out of broadloom may actually come in cheaper compared to a pre-made rug. Who knew?


The great thing about a custom rug is the endless variety available in virtually every color, shape, size or pattern you can think of. Yet, despite the overwhelming selection, each rug is created to be as unique as you are. Think of it as a whole lot of one-of-a-kinds. You get to choose a custom look that’s created to your taste, and quite possibly enjoyed for generations to come.


As we were saying – a beloved rug should be enjoyed for years to come, perhaps even become a family heirloom. It’s why repair services are so important. So, along with providing gorgeous rug fabrication, USA Flooring also offers rug repair. Whether it’s fringe damage, edge repair, or reweaving, our rug repair specialist can restore your custom or heirloom rug with lasting quality.

Ready to get started? Our fabrication and repair specialist is available to help you choose the right flooring for your family and lifestyle. USA Flooring also offers expert installation, on-site service, and virtual consultations, too.  To learn more about custom rugs or repairs, call or come by our showroom today.